I had a curious time at the Nordic Barista Cup. It's not quite my gig, since I am on the cupper/roaster end of things, and am always a little put-off by the barista thing. But this NBC had a huge origin/roaster flavor to the program. The hospitality is great; I don't want to sound like some cynical ingrate ... but there was something uncanny about the trip. I am used to traveling to coffee origins and I don't have much experience in European travel at all...a few of my comments here are being misinterpreted, probably because they are unclear so I am self-censoring a bit . Anyway, I just felt like a troll among happy elves. And not that smiling Norwegian troll either. I'm the kind of guy who was not class president and doesn't go to high school reunions, so maybe it's just that. Clearly they have a good, cheery relationship among the coffee shops of Oslo and the greater Nordic area.

- Tom