Pacamara, Yemen and Cascara

Today we are adding an interesting trio, two coffees, and one tea! El Salvador La Montanita Pacamara, Yemen Mokha Harasi, El Salvador Cascara Coffee Tea. This is a fun group of offerings today, El Salvador La Montanita Pacamara is an incredibly juicy cup which really displays the influence of cultivar on the cup, if you've ever wondered what makes Pacamara different check this one out. Yemen Mokha Harasi is one of those Yemeni coffees that actually works across the roast spectrum, aromatic wood, chai tea, and pipe tobacco are just a few of the flavors that you'll detect. Finally, it is tea time again! This year's El Salvador Cascara Coffee Tea has arrived and is a unique chance to taste a traditional beverage brewed from the dried fruit of the coffee plant. Just steep this like any herbal tea and you will taste hibiscus, tamarind, and raisin; it does benefit from the addition of a bit of honey and is great as iced tea.