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    A Look at Flores Manu Lalu as Espresso

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    The New Green Deal

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    Behmor Espresso Roast Profile: Peru FTO Don Rigoberto

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    The Return of Ethiopiques

    Along with the slew of incoming fresh Ethiopian coffee comes the return of our always popular Ethiopiques blend.

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    Behmor Roast Profile: Ethiopiques 2.0

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    Espresso Basics & More

    Sign up for our espresso basics class

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    Moka Pot Brewing (Stovetop Espresso)

    These are some basic instructions that you will, undoubtedly, adapt and refine to suit your purposes...

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    Espresso: Choosing the Right Coffee for Espresso

    Usually, an espresso blend must be blended for balance, or particular varietal qualities that would be favorable in a drip coffee might overwhelm the espresso extract.

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  9. Espresso: The Grind

    Espresso: The Grind

    It's often said that a good grinder is the most important piece of equipment for making espresso, and I tend to agree.

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  10. Espresso: Almighty Crema

    Espresso: Almighty Crema

    The presence of crema, the foam on your espresso, means you are in the ballpark ...

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  11. Pasquini Espresso Equipment

    Pasquini Espresso Equipment

    We have decided not to continue stocking the Livia, or other Pasquini items. This page remains here as a snapshot of what we thought about the Livia (still, a very nice espresso machine!)

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  12. Perfect Steamed Milk with the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

    Perfect Steamed Milk with the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

    Tips on how to properly steam milk with the Silvia's steam wand

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Solis Home Espresso Equipment

Solis Home Espresso Equipment

Solis is a unique coffee equipment provider because they operate their own manufacturing facility in Switzerland where the company is based. This may sound obvious, but in fact most brands are not made by the company whose name appears on the final product ...many are not even designed and engineered by the company of the brand name.

Rumors of high-quality, great results, and long-term dependability from Solis-owners attracted me to this brand. Having tested them, I too am a believer. Their product line is simple, straightforward, and easy to use. It is not over-designed or sheathed in a stainless steel wrapper to give it a slick look. And yet it has the high-end internal componentry of equipment that costs much more ...

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Solis Master 5000 Fully Automatic Espresso Machine with Built-In Burr Mill


Solis Master 5000 SuperAuto Espresso Machine with Built-in Solis Burr Mill
(pitctured above: Black-Silver Model)

The Simplicity of the Master 5000 Control Panel. Anyone can make perfect coffee with this machine! Press one button, and a single, freshly-ground, freshly brewed cup of coffee is made.

This machine excels at brewing single cups of coffee between 5-8 oz. The cup has extraordinary body, a rich tan crema on the surface, called a Cafe Suisse or Cafe Crema in Northern Europe. The machine will inform you by a light on the front panel if the 3 bins are full or need filling: the water resevoir, the bean hopper, or the used coffee cake collector. But we have found for using the Master 5000 in our shop that all the bins are of adequate size that they do not demand much attention. This machine is made to turn on in the morning, make cup after cup of excellent espresso or coffee all day long, and turn off at night...


The Master 5000 grinds your fresh roasted whole beans, doses, tamps, and extracts perfect espresso, complete with an excellent crema. And it does it all with the push of a single button. For this reason, the master 5000 is the ultimate shared/office/company-kitchen machine. The front panel dial allows the user to select the coffee strength for each cup. A fully adjustable steam wand froths and steams milk for a perfect cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate.

The simplicity of the control panel makes it easy - select the strength from espresso to coffee, push the button and the Master 5000 makes the perfect Espresso, Cafe Crema or Coffee. All the guesswork is taken out. It's no wonder this machine is appreciated by so many espresso and coffee lovers, especially those too groggy in the morning to sit over a boiling kettle!

This fully automatic espresso machine also incorporates a number of very practical advantages: half gallon water reservoir is accessible from above; the height adjustable dispensing head is ideal for large and small cups; and the quiet and adjustable grinder ensures the retention of the aroma and flavor of the freshly ground beans.

We tested this machine at our warehouse, and we have found that it was especially good at making full-bodied coffee with a crema on the top, called Cafe Suisse or Cafe Crema. The espresso is good, especially the tall (lungo) espresso. But it is this slightly larger drink, 6 oz. in size with a think tan crema on the surface and rich buttery body, that has won us over, especially brewed with fresh-roasted Ethiopian Harar, or Indonesians like Sumatra, Sulwesi and Java. This machine will not make a very short espresso, and if you really want to control the drink, you need to use a semi-auto machine, not a fully automatic one. But for one button convenience, this machine is hard to beat. One Year Warranty. Dimensions are 13.5 " x 15" x 14 " (l x h x d)

Details of the Solis Master 5000 Super Automatic: (pitctured below: Anthracite Model)


The removable water reservoir is accessible from above and contains 1.8 liters (1/2 a gallon) of fresh water.
Water Reservoir
Bean container holds 12 oz. (3/4lb) of whole beans. Built in Mulino Grinder with stone sensor allows the coffee to be ground right at the moment you brew and at the coarseness you want.
Fresh Whole Beans
Height adjustable dispensing head which is ideal for large cups or the preparation of coffee or espresso into a glass.
Height Adjustable Dispenser
Cup storage area with cover sits on the top of the machine with room for several espresso or coffee cups.
Cup holder and warmer
Preinfusion Makes good espresso
Pre-infusion system for the best flavor. The fresh ground coffee is pre-infused for a few seconds prior to brewing. This forms a solid puck and ensures full aroma extraction.
Swivel Steam Wand
Adjustable steam nozzle with special frother ensures perfect lattes and cappuccino. Hot water is also available.
Waste Container
Large waste container holds the grounds from up to 30 drinks and is easily emptied from the side.
Brewing Unit
The Brewing Unit is completely accesible from the front and easily removed for the occasional thorough cleaning.