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  1. Bullet R1 Roaster Meet Up

    Bullet R1 Roaster Meet Up

    Join us for a meet-up where we will discuss the very popular Aillio Bullet R1 coffee roaster.

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  2. Six Under Six - July 2018

    Six Under Six - July 2018

    Six great coffees. All under six bucks.

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  3. Video: A Cooler Way to Cool Your Behmor Roast

    Video: A Cooler Way to Cool Your Behmor Roast

    Cool your coffee faster by removing the drum.

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  4. Aillio Bullet R1 Support

    Aillio Bullet R1 Support

    Need a little help with your Bullet R1? We are here for you.

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  5. Intro to Home Roasting Class

    Intro to Home Roasting Class

    Sign up for this roasting basics class. It's going to be a lot of fun.

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  6. Sweet Maria's Featured on The Coffee Podcast

    Sweet Maria's Featured on The Coffee Podcast

    Listen in and share with a friend that needs a little motivation getting started with roasting on their own.

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  7. Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention

    Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention

    For some people who roast their own coffee, off-the-shelf home coffee roasting appliances don't cut it.

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  8. Air Popper Modifications -Adding a Thermometer

    Air Popper Modifications -Adding a Thermometer

    A thermometer can help you establish a more consistent roasting routine. Adding a thermometer to your air popper measures the temperature of the forced air heat flow after it has passed through the beans.

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  9. Gas Oven Roasting Method

    Gas Oven Roasting Method

    What You Need: A gas oven. A perforated pan, a vegetable steamer, or a stainless steel wire mesh collander.

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  10. How to make a Thermometer Clip

    How to make a Thermometer Clip

    Do you really need a thermometer clip? Well, not really, but if the dial face is moving around while you are cranking, it makes it hard to read.

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  11. Air Popper Modifications -Timing Roasts

    Air Popper Modifications -Timing Roasts

    When I started roasting with an air popper, I found that timing the roasts was difficult.

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  12. Another Home Roaster Takes the Leap

    Another Home Roaster Takes the Leap

    Sweet Maria's customer jumps into his own coffee business

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Product Guide: Air Roasters

Product Guide: Air Roasters

Nov. 21, 2017

Although drum roasting has roots in commercial roasting from years ago, roasting with hot air (or "fluid bed") roasters do an amazing job for home roasters. Since we are roasting small batches, a good amount of hot air is all that's needed to provide the heat and circulation required to turn green coffee into brown coffee. For a limited time all air roasters come with a free 4 pound green coffee sample set. If you want to stock up, you can opt for an 8 pound sample set (75% off).


Nostalgia Hot Air Popcorn Popper- Somehow, someway, the stars aligned and the humble electric popcorn popper turned out to be the perfect way to get started coffee roasting. They are affordable, small and produce amazing coffee. A lot of advanced roasters that have been using hot air poppers for years and never found a need to try another method. There are a lot of electric poppers out there but we decided to offer the Nostalgia design and build quality make it great for roasting. Roasting with an air popper can be a bit messy since the chaff blows out the top but there are ways to manage the mess.


Fresh Roast SR500 - Compared to an air popper, an SR500 offers a lot more control and great chaff collection. It's a robust machine with a small footprint that will last for a long time. The glass roasting cylinder allows for an easy view of your coffee while it's roasting. Parts are readily available if you have slippery fingers and have a habit of breaking all things made of glass and brittle plastic.


Gene Cafe' - The Gene has a drum, so it's technically a drum roaster, but it uses hot air to roast coffee so it's also an air roaster too. Why does everything have to have a label? Why can't it be both? Ask anyone who roasts with a Gene and they'll tell you it roasts great coffee and has an incredible build quality. The downside is that you will have to find a way to route the smoke out of your roasting area. The good news is that the exhuast port is just asking to be fitted with a small dryer hose that can be routed to a window or hood vent. Red or choose. They are currently out of stock but we have some on the way so expect them to be available in a few days.


Nesco - If you don't have a lot of windows and the hood vent over your stove doesn't work well, consider a Nesco. It does a great job of burning off smoke before it has a chance to escape the roaster.