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  1. Podcast Episode 19: Kenya Coffee: Growing, Trading and Marketing

    Podcast Episode 19: Kenya Coffee: Growing, Trading and Marketing

    A while back we had Mary Maina Manyeki visit us in Oakland, and had a great conversation about her experiences as a Kenya coffee farmer.

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  2. The New Postcard

    The New Postcard

    We are really proud of our latest postcard because it captures an aspect of one of Tom's photographic projects; shooting realistic macro photos of coffee beans.

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  3. Sweet Maria's Green Coffee Sample Sets

    Sweet Maria's Green Coffee Sample Sets

    The ultimate order-ahead-of-time-pre-holiday-non-procrastinator-thing-you-can-buy-from-us-right-now

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  4. New Macro Videos

    New Macro Videos

    An inside look at parchment coffee and Kenyan coffee grades

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  5. Kenya Coffee Grades

    Kenya Coffee Grades

    A geeky macro video of the various grades and types of Kenya coffee. Some of this information can apply to wet processed coffee elsewhere too! -Tom

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  6. Sweet Maria's Product Guide: Roasted & Green Coffee Storage

    Sweet Maria's Product Guide: Roasted & Green Coffee Storage

    ...because you gotta put it somewhere.

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  7. Sumatra Aceh Mandheling Preparation Notes

    Sumatra Aceh Mandheling Preparation Notes

    Just some quick comments on the benefits to pre-sort this lot of Sumatra before roasting

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  8. The Amazing Spider Graphs

    The Amazing Spider Graphs

    ...fighting the crime of buying bad coffee

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  9. Adios! We're Out! Hooray!

    Adios! We're Out! Hooray!

    No more Centrals, and that's a good thing.

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  10. New Postcards...With a Lot of Information About Dry Processing

    New Postcards...With a Lot of Information About Dry Processing

    It's much more than just dehydration.

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  11. Roasted Coffee Macro Images

    Roasted Coffee Macro Images

    This photo gallery has a collection of extreme close ups of roasted coffee beans.

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  12. Podcast: Ferment in Colombia with Leo

    Podcast: Ferment in Colombia with Leo

    Breaking down coffee...literally

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Sweet Maria's Product Guide: Roasted & Green Coffee Storage

Sweet Maria's Product Guide: Roasted & Green Coffee Storage

Dec. 14, 2015

After roasting your coffee, you have to put it somewhere. You can just use a ziploc bag or a mason's up to you, but there are some nice containers available that are made specifically for coffee storage and others that are great for helping you share your roasted creation. Regardless, it's best to keep roasted coffee away from sunlight, oxygen, extreme temperatures and humidity (elements that will make your coffee stale). If you are gifting coffee or storing it untouched for a few days, you will want to use a bag or container with a one-way valve. A valve allows for C02 to escape and keeps oxygen out. If you are accessing your coffee often, a valve isn't totally necessary since you will be exposing it to oxygen on a daily basis but it will help a bit if you are storing larger batches. Freshly roasted coffee should be treated like fresh produce since it's flavor will start to degrade after a week or so. The aroma will degrade first and the "cup quality" will follow.


Coffee Tin

These tins are very popular, affordable and work well. They store up to a pound of roasted coffee and there's a one-way valve underneath. The sidewalls are a bit thin so it will dent easy if you are clumsy but will last for years if it just lives on your counter or in your cabinet.



If you are looking for a more robust coffee tin that also holds up to a pound, the Airscape is really impressive. One issue with large storage containers is the amount of oxygen that sits with your coffee once your stash starts to get low. The Airscape presses all that air out, leaving only coffee and the space between the beans.


1 Pound and ½ Pound Valve Bags

These are the same bags we use to ship our roasted coffee in. They are extremely strong, with a thick foil barrier that keeps oxygen and light out. The one-way valve allows C02 a way out and you can use an iron to create a permanent seal above the zipper. Here's a video showing how.


¼ Pound Valve Bags

We say light is an enemy of freshness so why do we offer clear valve bags? A ¼ pound of coffee is only good for a few servings so we imagine a day or two of sunlight won't have a chance to do noticible damage to your coffee's flavor. We don't recommend these for long term storage. They are mainly for sharing and gifting.


55g Tins with Clear Lids

These are very handy if you like to weigh your coffee before brewing. You can pre-weigh your doses into a few of these put your scale away for a couple days. Aside from home use, they are great for travel or the office.


Paper Tin Tie Bags

These are great for gifting as long as your coffee isn't planning an extended stay in the bag. They are affordable and look great but don't have much of a barrier to keep oxygen away from your coffee. Make sure whomever receives your gift of fresh roasted coffee, brews it before they attempt to finish off their oily tub of "Dark Roast Supreme Bold Holiday Breakfast Blend". A lot roasteries sell their coffee in paper bags just like this so using these bags are your opportunity to live out your professional roaster fantasies (unless they are already a reality). They are compostable minus the tin tie and come in two sizes.


Green Coffee Storage

Green coffee is tough, dense, hard and resilient, but nothing lasts forever. You can expect green coffee to remain fresh for about 6 months (some say up to a year). We ship green coffee to you in plastic bags with holes punched in them. The plastic provides a protective barrier and the holes allow the coffee to breathe a little. We recommend storing your coffee in these bags if you plan on roasting within a few weeks after receiving your coffee. If you keep a lot of green coffee in storage, you will want to store it in cloth bags. Cloth allows for more air to pass around the beans.


Cotton Drawstring Bags

We offer these in 1 pound, 2 pound, 5 pound and 20 pound sizes with our logo on them. You can reuse them because unlike roasted coffee, green coffee doesn't leave behind oils that would eventually turn rancid.


Burlap Sacks

These are the same bags we receive green coffee in from around the world. They are probably too big for you to store coffee in but our customers really like them for projects, decor, etc.