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  1. Sulawesi and the Sumatra Effect.

    Sulawesi and the Sumatra Effect.

    Some thoughts on Suluwesi and Indonesia in general while traveling there...

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  2. Six Under Six - July 2018

    Six Under Six - July 2018

    Six great coffees. All under six bucks.

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  3. Podcast Episode #21 - Burundi Conversation with Alistair Sequeira - Part 1

    Podcast Episode #21 - Burundi Conversation with Alistair Sequeira - Part 1

    Part 1 of 2 - Talking about the coffee supply chain among other topics

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  4. Sweet Maria's New Hats

    Sweet Maria's New Hats

    Our new hats! Two soft, comfy, cool 'n funky ways to keep the sun off your face.

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  5. Our New Postcards

    Our New Postcards

    Placing an order with us soon? Look in your box for a basic guide to some of the new features on our website

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  6. Talk About Roastng - Andrew Bowman, Tony's Coffee 

    Talk About Roastng - Andrew Bowman, Tony's Coffee 

    It was incredibly generous of my dear friend Andrew Bowman at Tony's Coffee in Bellingham, WA to send me their roast of the Rwanda Gitesi.

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  7. Happy Birthday Shrub!

    Happy Birthday Shrub!

    Shrub is 4 years old!

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  8. Product Placement/Electric Wizard

    Product Placement/Electric Wizard

    Take a glance right up there at that menu bar at the top, right there above that thing that is not a cherry or a bean or is somewhat important.

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  9. A Week Removed

    A Week Removed

    Back from the SCAA Expo and the Anaheim Wizard World ComicCon, a few final thoughts:

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    Hey Folks, the El Salvador Los Luchadores will have its last bout in the ring on Wednesday January 20th.

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  11. Back from Peru

    Back from Peru

    I spent the last part of the week catching up after a week off the beaten path in Peru (which should yield a nice micro for shrub).

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  12. Discontinued, No-Longer-Available Products Once Offered at Sweet Maria's

    Discontinued, No-Longer-Available Products Once Offered at Sweet Maria's

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Six Under Six - July 2018

Six Under Six - July 2018
July 18, 2018

As you know, we offer a lot of coffee and it all ranges in price. Our prices are determined by a lot of factors , all starting from when the coffee plants are grown at the farm. A higher price doesn't meant that you will like it more so it's important that you read our descriptions when deciding what coffees to purchase. Trust your taste buds.

With that said, here are some great coffees all priced under six dollars. Check out the cupping notes and you will notice a wide variety of flavors. A low price doesn't mean a compromise in quality. We have high standards that we stand by as we continue to source well-priced coffees. This way the farmer gets paid a premium and your cup is still delicious.


Full City roasts produce underlying cocoa flavors, a bittersweet backdrop for burned sugar and roasted nut notes to stand out against. A flavor of chocolate-peanut butter cookies as the cup cools, along with a woody spice accent. Good for espresso.

Tanzania Isende FBG - $5.65 / Lb.

Inky body, cocoa powder, and faint licorice, rustic wood accents in the finish of deeper roasts. A great bittersweet espresso option, especially if you like milk drinks.

Raw sugar and roasted nut tones that come together like sweetened almond milk, subtle black tea note, creamy body, and orange zest brightness. Rich chocolate tones when roasted dark. Good for espresso.

Mexico Organic Grupo de Bella Vista - $5.45 / Lb. UPDATE 7/26 - SOLD OUT

A mild cup with muted sweetness of light brown sugar, Brazil nut and peanut brittle notes, faint dried fruit, soft acidity, and milky body. Heavy bittersweetness with roast development.  Good for espresso.

The PB outturn sees a melding of nut and cocoa notes, hazelnut chocolate, macadamia, and almond, and a subtle fruit accent gives way to nutty-sweet finish. Good for espresso.

A soft lemon acidity emerges amidst unrefined sugar and raw nut flavors, is mouth cleansing, and lends to a perception of a clean finish. Milk chocolate raisin note in middle roasts.