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  1. The Incredible Bulk

    The Incredible Bulk

    We are now offering some of our coffees in "bulk" packaging, at least in our own diminutive way.

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  2. Flo-Jo


    It can be pretty hard during this time of year to find really nice Central American coffees, but we currently have 5 different CA's including a DCF and a new Guatemala offering, Guatemala Finca Florencia Caturra.

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  3. Like a 3D blacklight Wizard poster

    Like a 3D blacklight Wizard poster

    These are some really cool videos that Tom did with his Macro Lens and a UV light where he discusses green coffee quality.

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  4. Green Coffee Freshness and Seasonality (a video)

    Green Coffee Freshness and Seasonality (a video)

    I uploaded a video to youtube about green coffee freshness and seasonality, basically a spontaneous monologue of random thoughts, while I was roasting a bunch of super-fresh Guatemala samples.

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  5. Magic Kingdom

    Magic Kingdom

    So, I got to see some shrub types up here in Northern Colorado over the weekend at the Mountain Regional Barista Rodeo and it was great to meet and chat with them.

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  6. the Lab of Make-Believe

    the Lab of Make-Believe

    I did some roasting in the lab last night and video-ed a roast of the Guatemala Finca San Diego Buena Vista Bourbon which I took to a City roast level.

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  7. Newness


    Happy 2010 everyone. In the next few weeks we will be adding some new exciting coffees to our offering list.

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  8. it keeps you runnin'

    it keeps you runnin'

    We've run out of a few more coffees this week, The Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña and the Kenya AA Nyeri Tambaya.

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  9. Oh so Clever

    Oh so Clever

    Here is a video of Tom demonstrating Clever technique. We thought that it might be helpful to share with you.

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  10. The Delicious

    The Delicious

    Lucio Huaman's micro-lot from Las Delicias in Peru is up and available on shrub.

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  11. Act Naturally

    Act Naturally

    Hey Folks, here's a follow up video from the last cupping video.

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  12. Jowly Green Giant

    Jowly Green Giant

    When I was first cupping and writing about the Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita PB, I had this impression of a great green marble, and so went looking around for information on marble types, history and lingo.

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  13. New UPS Shipping Discounts

    New UPS Shipping Discounts

    I was looking at the actual charges for Coffee Shrub orders and it looks like I can offer further discounts.

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  14. would you like to buy an O?

    would you like to buy an O?

    Hey all, we have added two new coffees today!

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  15. All Samples Cleared part 2

    All Samples Cleared part 2

    So, to follow up on my last post, I made some videos of me cupping samples from the big box I got this week from HQ.

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  16. All Samples Cleared

    All Samples Cleared

    Just got a big old box of samples from home base to start playing round with in the lab.

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    Hey Folks, the El Salvador Los Luchadores will have its last bout in the ring on Wednesday January 20th.

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  18. Holiday Busy-ness and Some Vac Pack Comments

    Holiday Busy-ness and Some Vac Pack Comments

    Happily, there were quite a lot of Shrub orders before the holiday and all throughout. Thanks!

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  19. Merriment


    Happy Holidays to everybody. Thanks for helping to nurture this diminutive little shrub this year.

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  20. Tambaya and Montañita

    Tambaya and Montañita

    I mentioned it in my last post, but I just wanted to highlight what an excellent pairing of coffees that I thought these two made.

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