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  1. Our Ethiopias, for you

    Our Ethiopias, for you

    With Tom and Aleco in Ethiopia, I thought it would be swell to take a look at our current Ethiopia offerings as some have changed out since the last time we looked at them all together.

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  2. 4 Roasts!

    4 Roasts!

    Don K is named for the grandfather of Ricardo Koyner, who produces this coffee from Panama. Koyner's grandfather built the Kotowa coffee mill in Volcancito de Boquete, which is still fully functional.

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  3. Sydney: Not All Cappuccino Look like This...

    Sydney: Not All Cappuccino Look like This...

    ...but some do. There's this tradition of adding cocoa powder to the top of milk drinks here. I am not sure why.

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  4. Sweets


    I was just up at the Barista Camp in Santa Barbara this week and was stoked to have so many great conversations about tasting coffee.

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  5. Northbound Through the Andes. Again.

    Northbound Through the Andes. Again.

    OK, so I'm finally back in the Bay after two intense weeks trekking through the Peruvian and Colombian Andes.

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  6. What a Week!

    What a Week!

    On Monday we loaded a 20' foot container floor to ceiling with coffee bags.

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  7. this is how we do it

    this is how we do it

    I just did a whirlwind trip to and from the Sweet Maria's/Coffee Shrub compound in Oakland this week.

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  8. Shakiso


    Shakiso is several hours south of Yirgacheffe in the Guji zone.

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  9. Ethiopias


    Fruits, earthy chocolate, rustic spice, and then fruits again. This is very refined version of the classic dry processes Ethiopian coffee.

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  10. Naturally again/follow up

    Naturally again/follow up

    There was some excellent comments to the post I made a while back about my trip to Brazil in July.

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  11. Fall Offerings

    Fall Offerings

    Tom and I have been on the run all summer long between Rwanda, Burundi, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia aaand Indonesia!

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  12. Make Friends with Blends

    Make Friends with Blends

    In light of the release of Shrub Espresso #1, I wanted to talk a bit about blends.

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  13. Confused? Naturally

    Confused? Naturally

    I just returned from the Roasters Guild Origin Trip to Brazil and there were a number of things that we saw that surprised me in both good and bad ways.

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  14. Evolvers: 50s and 100s in New Shrub Bags

    Evolvers: 50s and 100s in New Shrub Bags

    When we were putting together the shrub project in the beginning, we had a lot of discussions about packaging, as this would be one thing that made our services useful and unique.

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  15. Narrows pt 2

    Narrows pt 2

    Here's a little story I like to tell about the second ever Roasters Guild Retreat in 2002.

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  16. The Narrows

    The Narrows

    Sweetness, body, and acidity are all greatly affected by decisions you make at certain times during the roast.

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  17. South American Harvest

    South American Harvest

    It's mid-May which means that virtually all I can think about is the South American harvest.

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  18. Harvest & Offering Outlook: Spring 2012

    Harvest & Offering Outlook: Spring 2012

    So I am fresh off my 2nd origin trip with Coffee Shrub which took me to El Salvador, Guatemala and Panama.

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  19. Fun with American DJ Black Lights!

    Fun with American DJ Black Lights!

    We had the opportunity to cup some phenomenal coffees last week while I was visiting Oakland.

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  20. Spring Break 2012! Wild West Oakland Dance Party

    Spring Break 2012! Wild West Oakland Dance Party

    I'm hitting the road a little later today to head out west to Oakland for a week of roasting, cupping, coffee sing-alongs, and possible break dancing.

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