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  1. Blocks and the Jeans Socks. inventory

    Blocks and the Jeans Socks. inventory

    Here is the bean report for Friday, May 6th. New coffees and things and stuffs are coming soon.

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  2. Quest Manufacturer's Instruction Manual

    Quest Manufacturer's Instruction Manual

    Note: Do not use any voltage stabilizer or booster on M3.

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  3. Bean stalker

    Bean stalker

    Here i am in Houston town. Roasting workshops are going well and there's a new exhaust system that's pretty slick.

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  4. Jacky Bean Brain (inventoree)

    Jacky Bean Brain (inventoree)

    The stock report for Fri. 4/22.

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  5. No, I mean AMAZING.

    No, I mean AMAZING.

    New wet processed Ethiopia makes its way on to shrub today.

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  6. Jacques and the Bean Stock

    Jacques and the Bean Stock

    Here is the bean report for Friday 4/15/11.

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  7. grabs a hold of your heart

    grabs a hold of your heart

    2010-2011 crop Costa Rica Lourdes de Naranjo - Finca Genesis has arrived and is now available up on shrub.

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  8. the bean stock

    the bean stock

    If you didn't notice, we added the first of our new crop Central American offerings of the year this week: Costa Rica "Macho" Arce Caturra.

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  9. It's the Stock Report

    It's the Stock Report

    Hey folks, here's the shrub inventory report for April 1st. I'm going to go ahead and let you know what's we have of everything at the moment.

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  10. weekender


    Just in case you missed it, over the weekend we launched a new small lot offering of Colombia Tolima Florestales from Maximino Gutierrez.

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  11. first, then, and thenly

    first, then, and thenly

    Newness is happening. We have 2 new offerings and then also a recontextualized offering.

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  12. the stock report-updated

    the stock report-updated

    One of the most FAQ's that we get at shrub is "how much of this and that is there left?"

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  13. There is no place called El Papuma

    There is no place called El Papuma

    It is that time of year, when the supply of Central American coffees is very low and it will be a number of weeks before new crop Centrals arrive.

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  14. 3 is the Magic Number

    3 is the Magic Number

    Three new offerings on shrub today: a superb example of the floral and citrus notes found in the really fine coffees from Rwanda, a washed Ethiopia that's crazy sweet and bright and pulling some really amazing SO shots, and a coffee from Guatemala that we "cellared" if you will, and is cupping even better than when it first arrived!

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  15. Majahual that scratchin' is making me Itch

    Majahual that scratchin' is making me Itch

    New El Salvador and Kenya Nyeri offerings up on shrub today.

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  16. Thoughts on the market

    Thoughts on the market

    Coffee is about to get so ridiculously expensive.

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  17. The Visitor

    The Visitor

    Hey Germs, I will be tumbling down shrub mountain to visit Seattle this week for roasters guild meetings

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  18. Sunda and Lightning

    Sunda and Lightning

    Java Sunda Garut makes it's debut today on shrub.

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  19. Back to the Blue Batak

    Back to the Blue Batak

    The Sumatra Blue Batak Tarbarita PB is back on shrub.

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  20. No Half Steppin'

    No Half Steppin'

    Hey shrubland, welcome to the future. We're pretty certain that this is going to be a year.

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