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  1. Blueberry Toaster Waffle Coffee

    Blueberry Toaster Waffle Coffee

    "Ever get a craving for something that’s so persistent, you obsess over it for months? "

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  2. Oromo-d


    New Ethiopia offering today!

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  3. PNW


    I'm headed northwest to the Roasters Guild Retreat in just a few hours.

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  4. Re-Genesis


    We have the Costa Rica Finca Genesis back in stock. This is the smaller 20 bag final lot of this coffee for the year.

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  5. El Tambor So esproso

    El Tambor So esproso

    I posted about this last week in the Guatemala Finca El Tambor comments section, but wanted to put it here for a wider audience.

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  6. Ka-blooey!!!


    New Kenya Peaberry on shrub now!

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  7. Oakland visit

    Oakland visit

    I've been in Oakland this week looking at some coffees and possible new shrub projects.

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  8. Just so's you know

    Just so's you know

    So, the 600 lb. Mario Enero lot of the Esmeralda Gesha in on Shrub now!

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  9. Raspberry Beret, rhymes with...

    Raspberry Beret, rhymes with...

    Raspberry Beret rhymes with Peaberry Parade, which is what's rolling out of the shrub gates today.

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  10. The Great Dry Process Drought

    The Great Dry Process Drought

    As you might have noticed, we just sold out of our last dry process Ethiopia.

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  11. Summer Madness

    Summer Madness

    We've been having all kinds of wacky adventures this summer, but we've been super jazzed about all the new coffees that keep coming in.

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  12. Return of the Tarbarita

    Return of the Tarbarita

    We just received a new lot of the Sumatra Tarbarita Peaberry.

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  13. How can I be Down?

    How can I be Down?

    Would you like to step into tomorrow with some spanking new shrub offerings?

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  14. Clevers are Back

    Clevers are Back

    We have the Clever Coffee Drippers again - they now come with a lid!

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  15. Beats to the Rhyme

    Beats to the Rhyme

    The name of this jam is Guatemala Finca El Tambor, a brand new bag in the shrub offerings.

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  16. Bull's Blood: Bringing Sulawesi closer to Costa Rica

    Bull's Blood: Bringing Sulawesi closer to Costa Rica

    Bull's blood and Sulawesi, oddly, are related in my mind.

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  17. Comings and goings

    Comings and goings

    Today is a big day for the coffee offerings at Shrub.

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  18. Dwindling


    Just a heads up that the Rwanda Fair Trade Rushashi Duhingekawa Womens Coop stock is running low.

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  19. Reconsidering Packaging

    Reconsidering Packaging

    We began Coffee Shrub in September 2009, and since that time things have gone in some unanticipated directions.

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  20. Skiddlee-Bop-do-wah


    Shoo-bee-do Shrub friends, we have some fine new offerings for your pleasure today.

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