Gene Cafe

  1. Upcoming Class: Roasting With A Gene Cafe

    Upcoming Class: Roasting With A Gene Cafe

    Wanna learn more about the Gene machine?

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  2. Product Guide: Drum Roasters

    Product Guide: Drum Roasters

    Miniature versions of those commercial roasters you always fantasize about using.

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  3. Product Guide: Gene Cafe'

    Product Guide: Gene Cafe'

    Take a look at this well-built roaster that we have been very pleased with for over 10 years.

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  4. Car Battery Coffee Roasting

    Car Battery Coffee Roasting

    A Gene Cafe roaster being powered by a car battery in Ethiopia.

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  5. Gene Cafe Details Page

    Gene Cafe Details Page

    We have carried this machine since May 2006 and it has performed well.

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