1. India


    Coffee was introduced into India through the Chikkamagaluru (Chikmagalur) district when the first coffee crop was grown in the Baba Budan Giri Hills during 1670 AD.

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  2. Hawaii


    Hawaii... what a nice place. They grow nuts, fruit, and coffee. The coffee is expensive.

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  3. Jamaica


    Jamaica, a great place to visit, but what about the coffee? The world's best or most over-rated?

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  4. Zimbabwe


    Zimbabwe, formerly known as lower Rhodesia until independence in 1980, has produced coffee commercially since the 1960s.

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  5. Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico has been a tough coffee origin in recent years.

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  6. Rwanda


    It is believed that coffee was introduced in Rwanda in 1904 by German missionaries.

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  7. Saint Helena

    Saint Helena

    A long time back we had some unique wet-process coffee offerings from the small farms of Saint Helena.

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  8. Sulawesi


    Sulawesi coffees can be the jewels of Indonesia. The reason is that some coffees from South Sulawesi are grown at altitudes unheard of on other Indonesian islands.

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  9. Yemen


    Yemen is the first place coffee was commercialized, traded through the port city of Al Mahka (Mokha).

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  10. Zambia


    Coffee was introduced in the 1950's with cultivar seedstock from Tanzania and Kenya

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  11. Guatemala


    Guatemalan coffee is arguably the crown jewel of Central America. That doesn't mean all Guatemalan coffees are good ...

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  12. Congo


    Kivu is the general name for East Congo (Kinshasa) and covers a very broad geographical area.

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  13. Sumatra


    Much of the flavor of Sumatran coffee comes from the way Sumatras are processed, the wet-hull method , not to be confused with wet-processed coffee.

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  14. Proper Pants for Coffee Travels?

    Proper Pants for Coffee Travels?

    Tom's take on on the right pants...more than just protection from ants.

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  15. Vespa Club Indonesia in Java

    Vespa Club Indonesia in Java

    This has nothing to do with coffee, but everything to do with culture!

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  16. Yemen Sana'ani - High Variability

    Yemen Sana'ani - High Variability

    Yemeni coffees are like no other. Maybe that's a good thing.

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  17. New Arrivals: Brazil

    New Arrivals: Brazil

    Nutty, chocolaty and great for an espresso base

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  18. Podcast and Video: A conversation with John Karuru - Kenyan Agronomist

    Podcast and Video: A conversation with John Karuru - Kenyan Agronomist

    Coffee, escaping hippos and smoking coffee leaves

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  19. Out with the new, in with the newer!

    Out with the new, in with the newer!

    Regular harvests make Colombia a truly unique coffee producing country.

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  20. Mexico/Guatemala Insta-tour

    Mexico/Guatemala Insta-tour

    Here's a few Instagrams from Tom's last trip.

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