1. Yemen


    Yemen is the first place coffee was commercialized, traded through the port city of Al Mahka (Mokha).

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  2. Yemen Sana'ani - High Variability

    Yemen Sana'ani - High Variability

    Yemeni coffees are like no other. Maybe that's a good thing.

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  3. Yemen - Chaotic Sana'a

    Yemen - Chaotic Sana'a

    Sana'a is probably no more or less difficult to navigate than any other Arabian or African capital.

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  4. Yemen - Hiking to Saih Valley

    Yemen - Hiking to Saih Valley

    This was the only place I saw the use of shade trees for the coffee in Yemen.

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  5. Yemen - Sana'a to Hodeida

    Yemen - Sana'a to Hodeida

    A collection of photographs along the way.

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  6. Yemen - Citadels of Harasi

    Yemen - Citadels of Harasi

    They have great coffee here, and more of the crop is terrace-grown than what we saw in Saihi the day before.

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  7. Yemen - Hodieda, The New Mohka

    Yemen - Hodieda, The New Mohka

    The old port city is Al Mohka (Al Mocha, Al Mahka) which is where the name Mocha coffee came from.

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  8. Yemen - Ismaili

    Yemen - Ismaili

    We were going to meet farmers in the Haimi growing area. But we were flagged down and a turnout along the way by farmers from the Ismaili growing region.

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  9. Yemen - Cupping with Mohamed

    Yemen - Cupping with Mohamed

    We returned to Sana'a to do some coffee cupper training, and to have a nighttime stroll around the old city.

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  10. Mr. Duane Sorenson 

    Mr. Duane Sorenson 

    And my sole travel buddy on this trip, Mr Duane from Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland and Seattle.

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  11. Technical Notes: Yemen Coffees

    Technical Notes: Yemen Coffees

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