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The Mini-500

The Mini-500

Feb. 14, 2013

One of our regular home roasting customers (and super nice guy) Henry Chang dropped by today to show us his Mini 500. No, not his sub-compact sports car...his mini-shop roaster. Henry personally imported it from Taiwan a few years back. It looked very cool parked next to our much larger Probat roaster. The Mini 500 is a propane burning drum roaster that has can roast 500 g. (just over 1 lb.) per batch. It’s essentially a sample roaster or small-scale commercial roaster, with a variable cast iron drum, needle gas valve for flame adjustment and an external cooling tray. Henry vents his roaster using dryer tubing, which attaches perfectly to the top of the chaff cyclone. It’s a fun roaster to use, but we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without a good deal of roasting experience under his/her belt. Are we going to sell it on any time soon? No way. Hottops, Gene Cafe's, Behmors, FreshRoasts, Nescos and popcorn poppers are more our speed. 


Here's some Mini 500 stats...
  • 500 g. capacity (just over 1 lb)
  • cast iron drum
  • chaff collector
  • variable drum speed
  • adjustable damper for exit air
  • gas burner with needle valve for fine adjustments
  • cooling tray with powerful fan
  • bean probe & ambient temperature readout

10/5/2017 - UPDATE: Nevermind what we said about never carrying this machine. Maybe it was just the lack of new machines coming onto the market that made us feel the need to offer more home roasting options. We have decided to carry the Mini 500. We aren't sure exactly when or if they will be made available on Coffee Shrub or Sweet Maria's but we should have them up soon and we'll let you know.