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Noah Saves a Hummingbird

Dec. 7, 2017

It's the holiday season and we are busy around here...like really busy. This is the time of year when we fulfull almost two times the normal amount of coffee and merchandise orders so our warehouse crew is working at full speed. This means, something needs to be pretty darn important to break our focus...something as important as a helpless bird in a very dire situation.

Yesterday our crew noticed a hummingbird trapped under one of our warehouse's skylights. Sometime during the day, it had hovered in, ended up under the skylight and could't figure out how to escape. As if being trapped, exhausted and confused wasn't bad enough, it had eventually fallen and become trapped in spiderwebs. Those spiders were probably licking their fangs...until Noah came to the rescue.


Product Guide: Drum Roasters

Nov. 29, 2017

Drum roasters have longer roast times compared to air roasters but their roast profiles have more in common with much larger commercial machines. Since they don't require a fan powerful enough to agitate the bean mass, drum roasters can usually roast more coffee and are more durable. 



Product Guide: Air Roasters

Nov. 21, 2017

Although drum roasting has roots in commercial roasting from years ago, roasting with hot air (or "fluid bed") roasters do an amazing job for home roasters. Since we are roasting small batches, a good amount of hot air is all that's needed to provide the heat and circulation required to turn green coffee into brown coffee. For a limited time all air roasters come with a free 4 pound green coffee sample set. If you want to stock up, you can opt for an 8 pound sample set (75% off).



Sweet Maria's Green Coffee Sample Sets

Nov. 14, 2017

Halloween's out of the way, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we all know what comes a month after that. The point is the holidays are here folks, and there's no better time to start procrastinating and waiting to buy those last minute gifts...at the last minute. For those of you that are on the ball or who plan on doing things differently this year by shopping ahead of time, we present to you...green coffee.

Green coffee's shelf life is impressive, so if you stock up now, you can store and roast your coffee thoughout the holidays and beyond. This means if you are giving home-roasted coffee as stocking stuffers, everyone on your list gets your freshest roasts.

With that said, deciding on what coffee to buy can be challenging, if you are the type that gets distracted by having too many good choices, Sweet Maria's Sample Sets are the way to go. For your convenience, we have curated a few different ones to suit your needs. Espresso, Decaf, Central Americans or just a great mix of single origin coffees.


Green Coffee Sample Set- You choose between our 4 or 8 pound options - We include coffees from Indonesia, South America, Africa and Central America in these Sample Sets. If you choose the 8 pound option, you just get more of each.


Green Coffee Sample Set - Decaf - If you drink decaf, you know that a lot of coffee companies don't care about how their decaf tastes. The fact that it doesn't have caffiene doesn't mean that it shouldn't taste great. We think all our decafs taste really good...just take a little extra care when roasting them. Decaf starts off a darker shade so it's hard to recognize visually when it's going through the roast process.


Espresso Sample Set - This set consists of coffees from our long list that are all are great for espresso. The 4 pound espresso set will be all or mostly Sweet Maria's blends and the 8 pound set will have single origins included.



Got Dog Jokes for the 2018 Sweet Maria's Calendar?

Oct. 31, 2017

In the past, we placed fake and corny coffee holidays on random days in our annual calendar. This year, we have writers block and need your help. Instead of fake holidays, we want your dog jokes and dog riddles. There's limited space so keeping your joke/riddle short will increase the chances of us being able to include it.

Keep them under 180 characters so we can make them fit in the little squares.

If your Q&A riddl