Aeropress Portable Coffee Brewers

AeroPress in action. No, you can't have my mug.

The AeroPress is a new coffee making system ideal for travel, or brewing a small amount at the home or office. It makes a very clean, sediment-free cup in a short period of time, and is easy to clean up. You just need ground coffee, hot water, and a mug (ideally you brew directly into a mug, not included in the kit). Brewing with the AeroPress gives good control over the variables - you can easily adjust the water temperature, or water-to-coffee ratio to change the results. In my tests, the cup results match both the full pot Technivorm brews, and my cupping results (the process where we mix grinds directly with water and use a spoon to taste many coffees at once.) I don't want to sound ungrateful, but after a lot of frustration on vacations using friends and relatives dirty, low temperature coffee makers, the AeroPress seems like a perfect match for the Home Roaster away from their home brewing setup. There's one big problem with the brewer: the claims made by the company who manufactures it! They mean well, and just want to hock their product. But this is not an espresso maker, as they claim, nor are other "made-for-TV" type exaggerations on the package true. This is a brewer that makes a concentrated coffee, then you add hot water to enjoy. It will have other ideal uses too: making iced coffee, coffee for cooking recipes, storing a cold concentrate for later uses, etc. But I like it to make a quick, small, clean cup. The instructions that come with the brewer are good, but I have made my own AeroPress pictorial instructions to show the way I think it should be used to make a good cuppa! I know, it's no looker. Someone here commented that it has all the charm of a medical device. Bad packaging and bad looks doesn't mean bad coffee though - the AeroPress is well made, the instructions are good, it is easy to use (1 or 2 cup learning curve), fast, easy to clean, and will travel well. I think positive features have made it a good brewer to add to my "arsenal" ... maybe you have a need for this too.

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AeroPress Kit. This makes it look complicated but it isn't. For travel, you will not need to take all these parts with you.The instructions that come with the brewer are good, but I have my own pictorial of the process with a couple key changes. The AeroPress has such a clean cup because it uses paper filter discs. The brewer comes with a 1 year supply of discs!

Corporate images, and the embarrassing AeroPress box. Ignore claims about espresso.

Push it, coffeeman! Brewing itself takes under a minute. Overall, you can make coffee in a few minutes.