Sweet Maria's Behmor Roaster Guide - v 1.0
1. Features, Purchase 2. Using the Behmor 3. Roast Quality, Roast Curves 4. Maintenance, Longevity 5. Summary

Warranty and Product Registration

There is a 12 month limited warranty from Behmor Inc. on every roaster. You can contact Behmor Inc directly: Behmor Inc. 120 Country Club Drive Suite 22-L Incline Village NV 89451 phone# 775- 833-3363 www.behmor.com sales@behmor.com Be sure to check the Behmor website for Maintenance Updates.

Shop-Vac + Behmor = :-)

We think it is ideal to set up a Behmor in a place other than the kitchen, a place where a bit of smoke doesn't matter, and a place you can hang a Shop Vac nearby. It will greatly improve your experience with this roaster if you can suck out any incidental chaff that remains behind after each roast. Despite the claims of others, upon disassembling test units we have found chaff inside the chasis, on the control board, in the motor housing, everywhere. A handy vacuum can keep chaff from getting through seams in the metal panels, improve the longevity of the roaster, and make your experience with it a bit better.

The Behmor 1600 Cleaning Cycle

After five roasts cycles, you should run a self-cleaning cycle. To do so, insert the cylinder (empty), chaff tray, and close the front door. Then press the ½ Lb. Button and Start and let the system complete an entire roast and cool cycle. Failure to perform this maintenance procedure will in time affect your roaster’s functionality. The smoke suppression feature needs this routine self-cleaning to work properly. If you are starting to get more smoke than usual - run the cleaning cycle a couple of times. Behmor also recommends that you regularly clean the inside of the roaster with a non-abrasive cleaner like Simple Green or a citrus cleaner to make sure there is no sediment or oil built up on a key sensor. Longer than usual roast times might be an indication of a dirty sensor.
UPDATE 5/27/09: Behmor has become aware of an added, necessary maintenance step: cleaning the fan motor. Lint and other chud that builds up on this motor can lead to premature failure. Here is a pdf of cleaning procedures from Behmor Inc.

Other helpful pdf files from Behmor Inc.: Operations Manual ; Warranty Information; Important Safeguards. Be sure to check the Behmor website for Maintenance Updates.

Error Messages on the Digital Display Readout:

  • Err1: indicates the thermostat is damaged. Call tech support for immediate service
  • Err2 & Err3: indicate the coffee beans have burned or oven chamber has experienced an unacceptable rise in heat. Let system cool for a minimum of 3 hours, then retry. Should problem persist, call tech support for immediate service
  • Err4: indicates the draw fan is damaged.Call tech support for immediate service
  • Err5: indicates the bean cooling fan is damaged.Call tech support for immediate service
  • Err6: indicates the DC motor is blocked or damaged.Call tech support for immediate service

Troubleshooting Q and A (from the Behmor manual):

In cooling I noticed a little smoke leakage? The roaster is well sealed so all smoke goes through the smoke-suppression system, but to totally seal the system is impossible. On rare occasions, you might see a wisp of smoke. Gently clean the door seal on a regular basis with a damp cloth to ensure no chaff or other particulate matter prevents a proper seal.

When roasting, I noticed a little smoke from the exhaust. In many cases, The Behmor 1600 will remove visible smoke. Occasionally, whether due to the quality of the beans, the darkness of the roast or even the quantity/darkness of the roast, small amounts of smoke may be seen. During the first couple of roasts there may be a little smoke as if the system were “seasoning” itself, much like iron skillets being seasoned in an oven. On subsequent roasts the smoke should go away. It is also possible, as is the case in many homes; the home wiring is old and doesn’t supply a sufficient amount of voltage to run the system properly. You might also use a different power outlet whose line may carry a greater amount of voltage. The Behmor 1600 should always be used in a well-ventilated environment.

Sometimes I notice, even when I've added time I can't complete a roast? In some instances and in some homes there can be low voltage issues. Try a different outlet in your house or roasting at a different time of day. Afternoons are when the largest power consumption occurs in most neighborhoods throughout the country. Avoid using an extension cord (which can lower voltage) and be sure to roast in a space with moderate ambient temperature.

I tried the above and I still have the same problem. There will be situations in older homes where the wiring goes back to the copper clad aluminum days or further back where you have consistently low voltage. In those cases we recommend, if wanting to roast the maximum, reducing the quantity from 16 ounces to 14 ounces yet still using the 1 pound programs. If you consistently want to roast ½ pound and want to use a slower profile (P3-5) we suggest placing 8 ounces of green coffee in the cylinder. Close all items then instead of pressing ½, press 1. Then press the desired profile. Now BEFORE pressing start, press - (minus) sign until you've reduced the time by several minutes. For instance 18 minutes reduced to 16 minutes then press start. You'll still get the desired profile and should be able to complete your roast.

Worst Case Scenario: Fire!

Never open the chamber door if there is fire or embers. The oxygen just fuels the flame. The Behmor 1600 should automatically react to fire and shut down. Once the system has performed a shutdown, unplug the roaster and, if possible, move it outdoors for proper venting. Causes of such a fire would likely be traced back to using a high chaff coffee or allowing a roast to go past 20 seconds into 2nd crack. As instructed earlier, we strongly advise against the use of high chaff producing coffees or roasting past 20 seconds into 2nd crack . If the system should not shut down, as instructed earlier in the Important Safeguards, stop the roast and unplug the roaster. Then move it outdoors when safe to do so.

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