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Bialetti Stovetop Espresso (Moka Pot) Brewers

Moka Pot stovetop brewers produce a dense concentrated cup that's something between espresso and Turkish coffee. Coffee is placed into a filter between the lower chamber (that you fill with water) and the upper chamber that will contain the finished beverage after brewing. Since the water is forced through the cake of coffee by pressure, the process bears more resemblance to espresso extraction that infusion (gravity-based) brewing. It's an edgy way to make coffee; it always seemed a little dangerous to me! Thankfully, new Mokapots have pressure relief valves on the lower chamber to prevent espresso pyrotechnics all over your kitchen! I had a bias against this method too: I avoided it for years because I could only find aluminum moka pots. But here we have found all-stainless steel brewers that are very, very nice. And I found some tricks in the brewing method that improve the cup quality too. You can find those on our MokaPot Brewing Tip Sheet!

The Musa Stainless Steel Moka Pot is produced by Bialetti (and made in India), an Italian company known for their award-winning designs and high quality polished stainless steel products. It is my favorite functional Mokapot because of the thick metal gauge used in the side-walls and the heat-defusing base: this thing is solid. It is Inox 18/10 brushed stainless steel, with thermo-plastic black handles. Brushed stainless steel has a surface that looks like spun aluminum, not as refelective as polished stainless, and I think it looks a lot nicer. It has a large footprint which improves heat transfer from the burner and makes this stovetop espresso unit very stable. We have this model in 4 tasse, 6 tasse and in 10 tasse capacity. The later is more substanital quantity for the American coffee drinker, which is 10 demitasse cups or about 22 liquid oz. The 6 tasse model makes about 13 oz. The 4 Tasse is a perfect "personal" or one-person maker. The stainless steel is not magnetic - so it will not work on an induction-type stove.

The 3 pieces that make up a Bialetti SS Mokapot

INOX 18/10 Food grade stainless

Bialetti Musa Mokapot
4 Tasse size
(3.3 Lbs ship wt.)
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Bialetti Musa Mokapot;
6 Tasse size
(3.8 Lbs ship wt.)
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Bialetti Musa Mokapot;
10 Tasse size
(4.1 Lbs ship wt.)
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All three sizes, side by side, 4 tasse, 6 tasse, 10 tasse.

Replacement MokaPot Gaskets for our Bialetti SS Mokapot

Finally we have replacement gaskets to offer! They are sold two gaskets and one filterplate to a pack - though if you clean the mokapot (which you must do to remove funky build-up) then you ought not need a new filterplate. But what the heck - that is how Bialetti is selling them nowadays. -Tom

Here is some gasket information, FYI:

These spare gaskets fit for the Bialetti Stainless Steel Moka Pots (Bialetti aluminum moka pots are sized differently) and might fit other brands too. The sizes are as follows:
3 or 4 Tasse size: outside dia. 2.5"; inside dia. 2"; thickness 1/8".
6 Tasse size: outside dia. 2 and 13/16ths"; inside dia. 2 and 3/16ths"; thickness 1/8".
9 or 10 Tasse size: outside dia. 3 and 3/8ths"; inside dia. 2 and 11/16ths"; thickness 3/16ths".

Moka Pot Gaskets, 4T, 6T, or 10T

Replacement Musa Gaskets/Filterplate (3 Gaskets and one Filterplate)
Gaskets and filterplate come in carded pack. Available for the three sizes of Musa Moka Pot that we sell:

4 tasse size
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6 tasse size
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10 tasse size
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