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It's hard to overstate the importance of clean coffee brewing equipment. I regularily cup coffee samples (a process where no taint is possible since it's just coffee grounds and water) and then brew the same sample in a French Press. Though the French Press is one of the simplest coffeemakers to keep clean, the remarkable flavor change that taints the cup if the Press is not clean is truly astounding!

We offer coffee cleaning chemistry from Urnex and JoeGlo formulated to remove residue, rancid coffee oils and lime scale deposits that natually accumulate in the coffee brewing process. If you want great coffee, you must keep your brewing equipment clean! Mineral deposits and residual oils not only create an undesireable hard taste in the cup, but they can ruin brewing equipment too. We have the new CoffeeTool brushes from Pallo too.

Home coffee makers will sometimes brew at lower temperatures due to mineral build-up, and this can be corrected with regular use of Urnex. By using the correct cleaning solution for the task at hand (often in combination with a brush that can reach crevices where accumulations exist) you can enjoy the best cup of coffee possible from your brewer.

Urnex Cleaning Compounds
Urnex Cleancaf is a coffee maker cleaner and scale inhibitor designed for any brand of home automatic drip coffee brewer. The box contains three single use packages, and it is recommended to use the cleaner once a month. The solution attacks mineral buildup, lime scale and rancid oils at the same time, unlike white vinegar or lime juice. If you have an automatic drip brewer and haven't cleaned it in 6 months I can guarantee that you are producing tainted cups of coffee! This cleaner is food safe and non-toxic. It is recommended for both home filter-drip coffeemakers and as a through-the-tank cleaner for many espresso machines (any machine that does not have a 3 way valve), including the Solis we sell fact the Solis comes with one sample package of Cleancaf.
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You can't even start to discuss the flavors of espresso when you are using dirty equipment. Every cup will have a distinct taint if the group head, the coffee handle and the porta-filters have rancid coffee residue.

We sell Urnex Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner in a new tablet form or 20 oz. bottles of powder. It is a specially formulated powder detergent for the heavy residues that accumulate in the espresso machine group head, water lines and valves. While it is made to be used with automatic pump machines that can be back-flushed (i.e. they have a 3 way valve), it is an important cleaning solution for ANY espresso machine owner to have. It can be used simply to clean the coffee handle and filter basket and to soak any removable part of the machine that has accumulations. I use it to clean the tank on my Pavoni, which I then invert the machine to drain. Before cleaning, consult your machine's original instructions. The 20 oz. bottle should last the home user 6 months to 1 year! We also have the new tablet form (20 tablets per jar). Just put a tablet in your null portafilter and backflush. I use tablets for other cleaning too, but it is wise to dissolve them first when cleaning parts in order to create a full-strength solution. Do not use Cafiza on aluminum espresso parts, such as aluminum stovetop espresso Moka Pots. (You can use them on the Mokapots we sell; they are all stainless steel). Also note that Cleancaf, above, is for use on espresso machines too ... Cleancaf is what you want to run through the tank of most home espresso machines...


20 Tablet Jar
(Tablet Form)

20 Ounce Bottle
(Powder Form)
Urnex Cafiza Espresso Cleaner Tablets
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Urnex Cafiza 20 oz. Bottle
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While the Urnex CleanCaf inhibits scale buil-up and cleans, there are regions in the US where scale is a particular problem and you want a specific de-scaler. Lime scale and other hard water mineral buildup (including mineral calcium) can destroy equipment, in particular it will build up on heat coils that have contact with water. Your brewer or espresso machine will gradually fail to brew at the required 195-205 f brew temperature and coffee will taste dull and underextracted. Brewing coffee below the proper temperature will not make good coffee no matter what coffee you use! We offer Dezcal (Urnex Activated Descaler), a citric acid-based descaler that will remove mineral build up. This formula is nontoxic and biodegradable. Dezcal attacks lime scale and mineral deposits in places you cannot scrub with a brush; water lines, steamers and storage tanks in coffee brewers and espresso equipment. We sell this in a box which contains 4 packets. Use one full packet to run through the coffee machine. That means a box should last you 2-4 months or longer depending on how mineral-rich your water is.

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Small Jar - contains 30 1.5 gram tablets


Urnex has a special formula to remove coffee oils and mineral deposits from brewers and vessels of all kinds . If it's something with liquid coffee in it, this will clean it. The best way to see if your thermos needs cleaning is to use hot water, let it cool, then see if there is a taint of coffee or an off flavor. If so, you probably need some cleaning, even if there is no visible residue. We use this to clean the KBTS coffee brewer at least every other week - before it starts to taste funky. For brewers, you can run a brew cycle with a TABZ™ tablet in the basket and simultaneously clean both the brew basket and carafe. You can clean the inside of additional servers (mugs, thermos bottles, carafes, airports, etc) with one TABZ™ per 64 oz (2L) hot water. Solution can also be used to wipe spray heads.
This product replaces the Clearly Coffee Glass Bowl & Airpot Cleaner which we sold in packs of 10. Contains a blue dye to insure proper rinsing after cleaning. Each jar contains 30 tablets. Seems like Urnex changed the size of the tablets again - so we are back to the 1.5 gram tablets in the jar and I dropped the price a bit.

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New! Joe Glo Espresso Machine Cleaner


Joeglo is a premium quality commercial espresso machine backflush detergent. While you're busy pulling shots, residual oils from your coffee are busy building up in the guts of your espresso machine. Unchecked, the residue rapidly becomes rancid and pollutes the flavor of your coffee. It quickly and completely removes residual coffee oils, odors and flavors from your group heads, lines and valves. JoeGlo even contains a water softener to help prevent scale buildup. Originally created to wash down and clean out commercial wine making equipment, JoeGlo has been reformulated specifically for use in cleaning sensitive espresso machines. The similarities in cleaning both wine and coffee equipment are evident. In both cases, the flavor of the finished product is everything and to get there, a clean machine is absolutely essential. JoeGlo also works wonders crusty steam wands. Just soak them for a couple of minutes and they're clean.

It can be used for non-backflush machines to mix up a soaking solution: Cleans and deodorizes your portafilters, screens, shot glasses and utensils quickly. Use it to clean out your glass pots, airpots, urns, thermos' and steam pitchers. For the very effective soaking solution: Pour a tablespoon of JoeGlo into a quart of very HOT water, stir to dissolve. Use the solution to soak your portafilter handles, filter inserts, utensils, etc. You can also pour JoeGlo's "Wicked Liquid" solution in your airpots, thermos' and French presses, Home-Espresso machines, etc. to eliminate stains, residue and odors. Either way, let JoeGlo work it's magic for a few minutes then discard liquid. Rinse soaked items (and your hands too)! Joe Glo can be used to clean coffee brewers too, just follow these instructions. We also have a Joe Glo FAQ.

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Grindz Coffee Mill Cleaner

You can clean the internals of a burr coffee mill with quick cooking "minute rice" and save a lot of money, but now there is an option that has some clear benefits. Grindz is the first-ever cleaner developed for burr coffee mills or any configuration (flat burrs, conical burrs, deep-v conical burrs). In other words, it's compatibile with all the mills we sell, both espresso-specific mills and multi-use grinders. The formula is all-natural and completely food safe., and cleans the grinder burrs and casings. It removes tainted, stale coffee oils, and most flavored coffee odors. (Now how did that flavored coffee get into your coffee mill?!?) The recommended use per cleaning is 40 grams for espresso mills and 80 grams for shop grinders. The new retail packaging has three packets - so it is still about $3 per cleaning. You can use less for home mills, extending the uses you get from packet.

Urnex Grindz Retail Package - Coffee Grinder Cleaner: $8.50 (.4 lb ship weight) add to cart

Developed and tested in collaboration with
It is recommended to use this every 2 weeks on mills used daily. Grindz is not going to magically remove years of coffee residue, but it will keep a clean grinder in top shape without disassembling the mill and scrubbing the burrs every time. If you have negrlected your mill, forgive yourself and start by removing the burrs and cleaning it out with a brush. Then start using Grindz every 2-3 weeks, and your mill will stay clean and happy! Here is the Grindz FAQ that has some further information about the product.

Easy to use, no cleanup needed

Coffee Equipment Cleaning Brushes - Espresso Machine Cleaning Tools

Sometimes you need to use a little elbow grease to clean your coffee brewer or espresso machine! You have a special need for brushes to clean the group head of the espresso machine where the coffee handle attaches to the machine. (Brushes are not illustrated in scale)

The Pallo CoffeeTool is an innovative and ergonomic way to clean your espresso machine group head. It comes with changeable cleaning bristles, a measuring spoon, and a neat little built-in steam wand vent poker to get that clogged milk out of the holes. We offer the CoffeeTool Kit, which features a blue CoffeeTool Handle, and 1 nylon bristle heads. Check out the CoffeeTool FAQ page for more details.

Pallo CoffeeTool Brush
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Replacement Pallo CoffeeTool Bristles:

Pallo Replacement Nylon Bristle Heads - 3 Pack
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Pallo Replacement Brass Bristle Heads - 2 Pack
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Nylon Bristle Heads

Brass Bristle Heads

The "Steamy Wanda" Steam Wand Brush from Pallo is a neat little accessory to get that gross buildup out of your espresso machine milk steamer. It is specially designed for the task ... with a special rounded tip that won't gouge the soft metal inside the wand shaft. Check out the Streamy Wanda FAQ for use information.

Pallo "Steamy Wanda" Steam Wand Brush
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Plastic Bristle Bowl Brush - 10.5 Inch Hook This is my new favorite cleaning utensil. We run cleaner through the KBTS Technivorm that we use in the warehouse every couple of weeks - to clean the boiler, filtercone and carafe. I admit to being fascinated by the gunk that comes out. When I then scrubbed the carafe with this hooked brush with the hot cleaning solution still in it - I got out even more! Maybe there is a bit more pathology here than usual - but cleaning your coffee equipment is a must. Your coffee will not taste right if you do not clean the brewing equipment and containers. This makes getting into the curved spaces of carafes a bit easier.

Plastic Bristle Bowl Brush - 10.5 Inch Hook $5.25 (+ .75 lb shp wgt)

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