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Since commercial espresso machines are staggeringly expensive, and the Andreja has top-notch internals, it follows that a home machine priced over a grand is in once sense ... inexpensive! Most commercial machines are twice that much. But what am I saying? ... that's a lot to spend on a home espresso machine!

But life is too short for bad espresso. For the price of 2 good home machines that are good quality, but always have excuses and "yeah, buts" in the description, here's a machine to last a decade or two. Unlike mid-range machines that need tinkering to squeeze out a good shot, the Andreja fires them out easily, and heck you can steam your milk at the same time!

The feel of using this machine is hard to describe. It's for the real home barista. The coffee handles (you get 2 complete ones), the steam wands, the shut-off controls, the pull-lever on-off; they all feel great. It's something you realize the first the you fire it up. Speaking of that, this (like all commercial machines) really needs a good 30 minutes to warm up. Home machines that claim to be ready in 5 minutes never are. With the Andreja, the water is ready in 10 but the machine isn't really hot. Good news ... if the tank's full you can always turn it on the night before. Andreja is a no-worry tool - it's made to stay on, if need be.

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Photo by Chris

Features of the Andreja by Quickmill:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • E-61 commercial group
  • Two complete portafilters with handles (one single and one double)
  • Built in heat exchanger
    (brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously)
  • Thermo siphon circulation
    (maintains consistent brewing temperature)
  • Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump
  • Lever Action Semi-Automatic
  • Boiler size 1.6 liter insulated vertical
  • Water reservoir 3 liters
  • Weight 46 lbs.
  • Cup warmer
  • Hot water and "no burn" steam nozzles
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • Group pressure gauge
  • Precise magnetic switch detects low water level
  • Automatic water level control  
  • 1400 watt heating element
  • Blank for backflushing
Andreja Specifications Width Depth Height Height Boiler
11 1/2" 17 1/2"
(machine only)
15 3/4"
(to top of rail)
14 1/2"
(without cup rail)
1.6 liter 46 lbs.

Andreja special features:

Insulated boiler.
(Keeps your kitchen cooler and saves electricity.)
Best quality vacuum breaker valve.
(No vapor lock problems with this valve if you want to put machine on a timer.)
Large capacity drip tray.
(More capacity than Giottos and equal to Isomacs.)
Available direct connect includes everything you need.
(Well thought out for easy install includes regulator and pressure gauge.)
Best quality expansion valve on the market today.
(Very easy to make precise adjustments, Isomacs are very sensitive to minor adjustments.)
52 Watt Ulka pump with brass ends.
(Not 41 Watt and no plastic ends that tend to loosen up.)
Premium quality commercial grade steam and hot water valves.
(The valves do not seat by compression and therefore don't wear out. They can also be easily repaired by replacing a couple O-rings if needed.)
"No Burn" swivel Stainless Steel steam arm.
(Same as the Giotto Premium - simply put they are the best!)
Precise magnetic switch controls water tank level.
(No more springs and micro switch controlled by the weight of the water.)
Dual gauges, one for boiler pressure and one for group pressure.
(People would tell me they liked the looks of the Millenium but they wanted dual gauges.)
Resettable hi-limit to protect your heating element.
(No fusible link that has to be replaced, just push down and it's reset.)
Access port to pressure stat for easy adjustment.
(Not necessary to remove the machine cover to adjust stat.)
Much easier to remove outer shell for service than many other machines.
(This was especially a problem for us with the Isomac Millenium.)
Power indicator stays on and heater lighs go off when water is needed.
(Giotto gives no indication and Isomac turns the machine off completely.)