The Unofficial 2010 Dogs of Coffee Calendar

For years now Tom has been traveling to beautiful, exotic destinations with some of the finest coffees that world has to offer ... and taking pictures of dogs. Street dogs, mutts, farm dogs, strays, hangers-on, mongrels, hounds, curs. Maybe he misses our dogs, West Oakland mutts of the first degree, or maybe dogs tend to be a friendly presence. Whatever the reason, over time, he has amassed quite a collection of photographs. So this year, we have decided to publish The Unofficial 2010 Dogs of Coffee Calendar! For now we are selling them dirt cheap, $6 each, with $2 of your purchase price donated to a number of organizations active in coffee-producing areas. The breakdown from each calendar is: 75 cents to Coffee Kids, and .25 each to Grounds for Health, Nica Hope, Doctors without Borders, Animal Aware (an Antigua street dog rescue) and APAMAR (a rehab center Zarcero, West Valley Region, Costa for people with developmental disabilities). I'll put links and logos at the bottom of this page so you can click on them and read more about the various organizations.

The Unofficial 2010 Dogs of Coffee Calendar
$6 (.5 lbs ship wgt) Sold Out!

Calendar includes a smattering of special days such as Take Your Barista To Work Day (Jan. 5th), Microlot Monday (Feb 8th), International Coffee Cupper Month (July), and A Day Without Latte Art (Dec. 1st). You can pencil in your own favorites. If we still have stacks of them come late February, heck, we might make them a freebie. But hopefully we are not the only dog and coffee lovers out there.

The calendar is an appreciation of the International Mutt and their presence among coffee producers worldwide. All photos by Thompson Owen with two notable exceptions.

Calendar includes 15 full color full page images and 9 smaller images. Here is a sampling of the full color images included in the calendar:

$2 from every sale goes to support these organizations. Click on the logo for more information:
Link to the CoffeeKids Web Site

and APAMAR (a rehab center in Zarcero, West Valley Region, Costa Rica for people with developmental disabilities)