Tom & Maria started Sweet Maria's Coffee in 1997 to provide the best green unroasted coffee to home roasters. We offer a selection of home roasting appliances and roasting accessories too.

We have Espresso equipment and a great selection of espresso accessories. We have a selection of excellent electric Coffee Mills, and hand-operated coffee mills are not for everyone, but we sell the best: German-made Zassenhaus mills.

And we offer a variety of coffee brewing equipment: Cona vacuum coffee brewers, Chemex drip brewers, Bodum French presses, and simple pour-over drip supplies. Cleaning supplies, coffee bags, travel bottles ... we have quite a lot of coffee stuff, and each has been tested and used before we decide to stock it.

Here's what Sweet Maria's offers...
Green Coffee Beans: We are very proud of our unroasted green coffee selection of 70+ types. Each is meticulously cup-rated, and selected from particular current crop lots, representing the "best of the best!"
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Fresh Roast Plus Coffee Bean Roaster: Quiet, quick, a good value...

Hearthware I-Roast 2
Nesco Home Coffee Roaster: (formerly the Zach & Dani's), the latest model, with smoke reducer...
New Digital Model is in stock too!
HotTop Drum Roaster larger capacity with a sturdy build, great cooling.
Home Roasting Accessories: scales, thermometers, timers, variac, popper info., sampler kits, cupping supplies ...

Cona Vacuum Brewers

Technivorm Drip Brewers
Stovetop Popper Roasting , a lo-tech, way to roast 1/2 lb. or more! Some drawbacks though

The Gene Cafe Half Pound Coffee Roaster
with the most simple and sensible roasting controls out there!
Electric Home Coffee Mills: From the durable Whirling Blade, the Solis Maestro, to the exotic Mazzer Mini and Rancilio Rocky Mills...
Zassenhaus Coffee Mills:
Hand-crank grinders, Knee Mills, Turkish Mill, Greek Mill
Vacuum Coffee Brewers:
Cona, Yama and Bodum Vacuum Coffee Brewers...
Chemex Brewers: Hand-blown type Chemex Filters, Lids, Grids and Carafes.
Brewing Equipment & Supplies: Vacuum Brewers | Chemex | Bodum French Press | Moka Pots | Ibriks | Drip Brewing | Filtropa Coffee Filters | Drip Filter Cones | Roasted Coffee from Sweet Maria's| Roasted Coffee Subscriptions ALSO: Our Sweet Maria's T-shirts & everyone's favorite Miscellaneous
Espresso Equipment:
Illycaffe, Cups, Scoops, Knock Boxes. Rosewood and Stainless Steel Tampers

Our Favorite Espresso Machines:
Andreja Premium from Italy
Solis Espresso Machines
Rancilio Miss Silvia
Gaggia Espresso Machines

SwissGold Filters for auto drip
machines, and pour-over brewing, even for commercial machines!
Thermos Vacuum Bottles
Stainless Steel Travel Cups and Bottles by Nissan, Zojirushi and Bodum
Coffee Bags: for the home roaster; green coffee and roasted coffee; valve bags, burlap bags, cotton bags...
Coffee Machine Cleaners
Espresso Cleaner, Lime Scale Remover, Auto-drip cleaner, Brushes.
Coffee Books & Posters
Kenneth Davids, Kevin Knox, SCAA, Illy, William Ukers ...
Technivorm Electric Home Coffee Makers, the only one certified by the SCAA ...

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