Thermal Vacuum Travel Mugs, Bottles, Carafes and AirPots

On this page, Products from Nissan and Zojirushi

Nissan Stainless Steel Mugs, and Vacuum Bottles

We went through much of the Nissan product line and chose these items for their special features, fair prices, and good functional design. The Nissan-Thermos items we sell are all double-wall Stainless Steel vacuum technology, using their patented Thermax construction.

A rugged mug that is totally spill-proof when the top is in the locked position.

Nissan Leak-Proof Travel Mug , Model JMQ-400C

People find out the wrong way that their travel mugs are not spill-proof. Most of them are not, but should give you time enough to put them right-side-up if they tip. Well, here's one that actually is spill-proof; in fact you can clip it to the outside of your bag with the included quick-release carabiner clip, and let it take all the abuse you can dish out. This is a very rugged mug. A turn of the recessed locking lid, and you are ready to sip. Lock it back in place and you are ready for spill-proof travel. The handle is a bit odd looking but very ergonomic with a silicone rubber grip. It will fit most car cup holders, and has a large 14 ounce capacity. It has great heat retention in the locked position: 209 f water was 178 after one hour, 152 after 2 hours -which is still very, very hot! Height 7.25", widest diameter about 3.25" not including handle. 2.75" diameter at the base.

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The carabiner clip is included, making it easy to attach to backpack, purse,
briefcase, cargo pants, golf cart, car bumper, surfboard, hard hat, etc...

Simply turn the center part of the top to the open position to start sipping.

Easy-open flip lid

Nissan Leak-Proof BackPack Bottle , Model JMW-500

This is really neat - a totally leak-proof bottle that is slim enough for a briefcase or backpack, and doubles as a cup. This bottle is actually more comfortable to drink out of that a lot of commuter mugs! And not many people really like to use the lid of their thermos as a cup, so instead you have spring-loaded push-button top that can be opened with one hand. It fits most auto cup-holders. This is the 16 ounce larger model of the two sizes that Nissan makes ... we thought the 11 ounce smaller one (JMW-350) is too small to be practical. The 16 ounce (.5 L) size is available in Silver SS color. This model has great heat retention : 209 f water was 194 after one hour, 180 after 2 hours, and 168 after 3 hours. Height 9.25", Diameter about 2.75"

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* Please note: We have had a couple of these returned lately because people complain they leak - but they only leak if you overfill the thermos all the way to the top - above the top gasket. If you do this - any liquid above the top gasket will leak out.

Comfortable sipping top

The flip lid can unscrew for
cleaning and filling

The big one...

Nissan Large Vacuum Bottle, Model NCD-18

The Nissan NCD-184 is a workman's bottle, and holds a whopping 1.8 Liters (61 ounces). This is the larger of the two sizes of workman's bottles that Nissan makes, with a retractable handle, easy snap-on/snap-off shoulder strap, and no-dribble pouring stopper. (No, it doesn't have a sipping lid ... it's way too big for that!) The stainless steel lid doubles as a cup. It is completely leak-proof when the lid is stoppered. Using one of our Thermos Filter Cones, you can brew right into this bottle; for a few bucks more, you have a simple, cheap, quality brewing system too! 61 ounces; that is 12 polite cups, or 6 full mugs of coffee - enough to get 2 people totally wired, or to please a group of 6. This model has incredible heat retention : 209 f water was 199 after one hour, 190 after 2 hours, and 181 after 3 hours. And 181 will still burn your mouth, so be careful! In fact, after 10 hours of being stoppered up, it was 167 degrees - so this is the one to take to all-day events. For under forty bucks, it is a great deal. Height 14.25" with lids and 13.5" without, Diameter about 4.5"

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Screw-stoppered lid is totally leak-proof in the closed position, and a screw-on cup/lid goes on top of that. Both remove for cleaning, filling, or brewing into directly with our Thermos Filtercone!

Retractable handle...

Zojirushi - The Original All- Stainless Vacuum Bottles

We stock Zojirushi's line of thermal products. If you're not familiar with the name, they invented the stainless steel (non-glass-lined) thermal bottle, and have always stayed at the cutting edge of product development. (and they make a heck of a nice rice cooker too, used on Iron Chef!) These are exceptionally well-designed items ...
Tuff Slim TS Vacuum Bottle Elegant & functional design; slim body uses minimal space for portability and convenience; it is designed to fit in briefcases and handbags; ideal for air travel (although mine makes the inspectors look a little closer at their monitor!); automatic push button stopper; extra wide mouth; cap doubles as cup; nonstick Teflon interior lining; durable stainless steel construction. Smaller capacity buy hey...focus on quality not quantity! You can brew directly into it using a thermos filtercone, although it's narrower base might be a bit tippy.
0. 47liters = about 16 oz.
Stainless Steel
Heat Retention:
172.4°F @ 6 hrs. / 125.6°F @ 24 hrs.

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Shipping= 2 lbs

Gourmet HandyPot
I think it is important to get your coffee out of the glass coffee carafe sitting on the burner, and into a carafe right away. The Handy Pot is great for around the house use. You can also brew coffee directly into it using a thermos filtercone. Tapered body with wider base provides extra stability; large handle for easy service; features a one touch button system to pour; vacuum glass liner (note that this is not an all-stainless item) ensures excellent heat retention; available in brushed stainless finish. Please note: this is a thermal carafe, not a thermos (don't take it hiking) and it is glass-lined. You can brew directly into it using a thermos filtercone too, and the #2 size filterholder works too!
1.0 liters/ 1.06 quarts
Brushed Stainless
Heat Retention:
154°F @ 10 hrs. / 123°F @ 24 hrs.

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shipping= 2.3 lbs

HandyPot is about 5.25" diameter (7.25" with the handle and spout at the widest point).

10.75" tall with the cover, about 10" without.