the roasters guild retreat 2007

This is a story of our ancestors, of ancient wisdoms, of the land, as well as the SCAA Roasters Guild Retreat 2007. I will be your spirit-guide, you can call me Moonfinder, or "Chacote, First Mate" or just Tom.
And this is the story of noble travel companions who suffered the evil "dead animal aroma" with great peace of heart and courage, both at security checkpoints and in firebreathing red pontiac. Honor to spirt-guides royal friends.
as proof: source of said "dead animal aroma"
our tale has a baby, born in 1993 and possibly the biggest collection of duct tape and bailing wire that still roasts coffee capturing man's "fire wind" ...
and the flame master, Norm Killmon, demonstrating critical chaff removal with time worn toilet paper roll core. Ah, the way of the masters. ....
Speaking of, hear comes "Bear-Sky" to take over the narration ....
Bear-Sky: "well basically its a 3 k diedrich and forget about reading temperatures with small batches because it will totally screw you up...
and this is the worlds most useless sample trier. might as well just use a spoon.
and these vietnamese probat sample roaster knock-offs were a nightmare. couldnt get the flames adjusted right at all.
then there was the ambex, sitting in it's lonely corner
and lonlier still, the US Roasters Corp roaster. If it is a corp, might wanna sell that stock soon...
oh, and that prissy porbatino in the corner. people couldn't keep their damn hands off of it. must have been the pheremones.
I am Peace Dancer, a gentle fictional soul painted in unconvincing 2D and for sale as well, at the great Sugar Lake Lodge. Let me show you more about the Roaster Guild Retreat:
This is a cupping, where they evaluate the quality of many cups by putting coffee in them, and then hot water, and seeing how many crack. The best cups make it to 2nd crack ...
the clover is the favorite machine of peace dancer, because it gives such a good show, worth every single quarter you put in the coin slot (coin slot model not shown)
there were lectures
I am Meadow Bird, your final SCAA Roasters Guild Retreat 2007 guide
In these sacks contains the many hours of labor of each roaster team, to roast 3 origins (Yirg, Antigua and a Costa) to their flavor zenith.
And then to use those to find the best cups.
All the cups won, and everybody did a fantastic job, so we were all winners!
So then the "keg-stand" began, which of course I had never seen, performed by Dave and egged on by Amy, which resulted in one keg back flop ... youch!
  • First off, I want to nominate NEAL WILSON as my all time favorite roaster comic book character.
  • Secondly, I want to let it be known that the US Barista Champion Heather Perry prefers greatly that you know her by reputation before you speak with her, and she will NOT prepare you a "Steamed Orangina" nomater how nicely you ask.
  • Men should not wear the CROC while roasting coffee ... and it doesn't work too well in terms of stray expectorant in coffee cupping either.
  • And to the small, small roaster to whom the large expense of a Roasters Guild Retreat is just too much, I have this advice: Just buy 10 bags of Yunan Arabica and call it something like "Nepal Mist". With the money you make, you too can attend the next Roaster's Guild Retreat! I'll be there. (Oh and PS. Bring a skateboard too).
  • And the following image is purely for inspiration: