Useful Definitions:


  • an association of criminals; "police tried to break up the gang"; "a pack of thieves"
  • crowd: an informal body of friends; "he still hangs out with the same crowd
  • an organized group of workmen
  • tool consisting of a combination of implements arranged to work together

Damu: Member of a blood gang. Derived from the Swahili word meaning blood.

Ah, the beautiful Columbia Gorge: A perfect place for a getaway. Wouldn't it be nice to relax in a hot tub with a nice glass of "Rosé"? Sure ... and why not a Guacamole HotTub? With Chips? Why not . Hey, you're on vacation now. And why not stay at the cozy Skamania Lodge. Oh the fun, the joy ... the GANGS!

Like this GANG - ironically called "Skamania" as well.

Gangs like comfortable accommodations as well. So "designer ..."

Tiny little monolith among the pines. Typical remote site for hooligans to congregate.

And a pool. Gangs like pools.

Of course, Stevenson Washington is a cultural bowl of gumbo, where all things Skamania intersect.

Like this - to prevent child gangs, Skamania Child ID Cards. Now only $10.

And damns, damn damns, lots of damns. Gangs love them.

And coffee roasters!

Skamania County Gang Activity, Incident #1:

Skamania County Sheriff's Office: Missing Berry Picker A 79 year old huckleberry picker was located by a Forest Service Employee 5 miles north of Carson, Washington at 1745 hours today after being missing for 8 days in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Skamania County. Duff Kimsey, age 79, from The Dalles, Oregon was transported by Life Flight to Emmanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Kimsey was conscious and somewhat responsive when located but not able to be interviewed regarding the incident. Kimsey was located approximately 9.5 miles from the point last seen. David S. Brown, Sheriff

Sure, some token talk about coffee varietals, and this fake "Roaster's Guild Retreat" thing. But it's really about the massive clash of the DOO-WHOPS versus some rapping posers called the ORANGE TIGERS.

Lots of smelling, which is very GANGY in itself

And there are charts, about coffee. Gangs like charts, they help them project future gang activity

And coffee GANG tattoos. This just screams "Don't mess with me"

Two key gang members, Chris Schooley and his son, ZAP, are wanted for gang activities. Hardcore DOO-WHOPS.

Other gangsters with "fish" - Phil Beattie, right, and Thompson Owen, middle and left.

Unidentified DOO=WHOP gangster. This just screams out "Don't Mess With Me" sketch stylings

And the image of DOO-WHOP gang leader, "He Who Cannot Be Named or Photographed"

Two gangy gangsters getting it on, gang style

So-called gang initiation often involves trophies, and unspeakable acts of celebration

It's so far beyond all that, says Sheriff J. Brown

Bring in the massive Mastiffs for serious Gang Control. Skamania Mastiffs take a chunk out of Orange Tigers.

Skamania County Gang Activity, Incident #2:

In August of 2003 a homeowner in the Skye Rd. area of Skamania County reported their family dog brought home what could be a human bone. The bone was brought to Detectives, who then forwarded it to the Clark County Medical Examiner’s Office. The Medical Examiner, as well as a Forensic Anthropologist verified the bone was indeed a human right femur. It was estimated the femur belonged to a person between 5’7” and 5’10” in height, who was probably male. Detectives researched reported missing persons in the SW Washington area and attempted to obtain DNA from those matching the possible description. By August 18th 2003 the bone and DNA from some of the missing persons matching the description were forwarded to the Washington State Crime Lab for analysis. On February 22, 2004 search teams searched the area along Skye Rd., from Pohl Rd. to Highland Rd., in search of evidence or additional human remains. During the search additional bones were located however it is believed the bones were transported by neighborhood dogs to the places they were found. On March 29th 2004 the crime lab completed their analysis and determined the DNA from the bone was from a male subject. The DNA from the bone did not match the samples of the known missing persons we forwarded. The additional bones were forwarded to the Clark County Medical Examiner and a Forensic Anthropologist for examination. It was confirmed searchers did in fact locate a human left femur. The investigation is ongoing, and detectives ask anyone with information that could be connected to this investigation to call the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office at (509)427-9490 and ask for Det. Summer Scheyer or Sgt. Monty Buettner.

They brought in the buses, but that was for wusses, we doo-whoped their asses, now they all need glasses (prescription ones too.)

Some people actually thought it was about coffee! Ay Caray!

Motel Trees Trees of Mystery. Don't bring that trash into my house!


Mastiff patrol crushed Orange Tigers

Skamania County Gang Activity, Incident #3:

BOMB THREAT: Skamania County Sheriff’s Detectives arrested two Stevenson High School students Wednesday morning, as a result of an ongoing investigation into a bomb threat received at the high school on Tuesday. The students are both under the age of 18 and their names are not being released at this time. According to detectives at the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects called the bomb threat in hoping it would result in school being dismissed for the day. Responders from Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement were on scene Tuesday for over three hours, while the building was searched. After an interior and exterior search of the school, Skamania County Sheriff’s officials subsequently released the building to the school, declaring it safe for re-entry. “The obvious dangers associated with responding to this type of call are extremely concerning to the first responders. This is something that we cannot take lightly. The safety of the students and staff in the schools are of utmost importance when responding to, and sorting out calls of this nature. We are all relieved that the actions taken by all emergency responders, students and staff resulted in a safe evacuation of the school. Our commitment to the school, students, staff, and parents is that we will aggressively investigate these incidents in an effort to determine who is responsible, and hold them accountable for their actions,” said Sheriff Dave Brown Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office will complete their investigation and forward a report to the Skamania County Prosecutor for review and a determination of charges. According to Washington State law, any person who makes a bomb threat to any public or private school can be charged with a Class B felony. Both juveniles were taken into custody and released to the Skamania County Juvenile department, and subsequently transported to the Northern Oregon Corrections facility in The Dalles OR.


Gang mecca Trees of Mystery

Cupping in the dark, seriously

Some Gang fun...

Lake Drano, Skamania County

Search terms:

Bank Roll, Stiv, The 18, Methadone, Half Cap, Maillard Reaction, Yo G, Drumstick, Walking Dead, DOO-WHOP,


Shrimps of the Valley, not very gangy at all. DUH

Charts and fun, they go together

Yes, Skamania, fake Roasters Guild SCAA whatever GANG in your face fun.

Skamania County Gang Activity, Incident #4:

On Monday, October 19th at approximately 7:30 PM, the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an overdue mushroom picker in the Trapper Creek Wilderness area. Deputies from the Skamania County Sheriff’s Office responded and checked the area. Volunteer searchers from Wind River and Silver Star search teams searched the area throughout the night. Searchers located the mushroom picker at 11:00 am the following morning. The mushroom picker was identified as Alma Beaver, 41yoa from Ontario, Oregon. Beaver stated she crossed over the FS 33 Rd without her husband knowing it and became disorientated. Beaver was located approx ¼ mile from where she was last reported to have been picking mushrooms. Thick brush, fog and rain made searching difficult. Beaver was checked for hypothermia and injuries on scene. Beaver was reported in good condition and released to family members. Arne Gonser Sergeant;

Important information: Even if you are tough and in a gang,

be sure to watch out for area SEX OFFENDERS.

And remember: Avoid Human Sharks!

A very important message from a LOS ANGELES GANG!