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Costa Rica - Naranjo, Tarrazu, Dota

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in dota much of the coffee flower had bloomed a few days before. blossoms last just 3 days in dota. you can see the browning edges here
back at cafecoop for more cupping, some sample bags of their customers. this one is palestine.
historic photo of ox based transportation of coffee, from the picker's basket to the coffee mill.
in the mall near bella vista estate, tres rios. tres rios is becoming a suburb. here we have a coffee kiosk where a coffee tree used to stand ... there won't be such a thing as tres rios coffee in a few years.
my favorite thing to collect on trips, bottle caps. i usually say i am collectiong them for my nephew, if i am too embarrased to ask for them outright.
the next day, we head up to the naranjo region. here is the town of naranjo.
the sign at the coop of naranjo coffee farmers. there are 2500 members, most with very small farms of 1 hectare.
the coop owns a coffeehouse in town under their offices. I liked the fact that "export quality coffee" means good coffee. it is actually a very accurate statement, since most coffee sold to "local markets" is of lower quality. there's a reson people prefer nescafe to local coffee in many producing countries... sad but true
the coop is many things, as well as a bank for its members, asociados.
in the offices of cooppronaranjo, along with awards, a genuine starbucks soccer-futbol. actually, i would like to kick that thing around a bit.
my favorite bag design from the coop. Caracol means snail, but it is also the name for peaberry since it has a rounded, snail-like appearance.
they use the new pulpers to remove the skin of the cherry - these use no water, which helps the mill to maintain high environmental standards, which are mandatory under costa rica law.
an easy way to count the amount of incoming coffee cherry at their receiving station
a nosey gringo jumps into the pile coffee coffee in the silo. hey, it wasn't nice-looking parchment coffee so this can only improve the flavor.
their mill brand for primera quality, la rosa, being prepared for shipment to oakland. if only i had a white t-shirt on i could have asked for him to print it...
a little cupping at the naranjo coop after a long day. i think that dude max (brown shirt) was trying to intimidate me. what's up with that? they had these funny pvc-pipe spitoons, the big green thing.
a very old 3 barrel probat sample roaster in naranjo. it will run forever.
the trees nearby were just about to open their flowers, maybe the next day.
these are the "candellas", flowers about to open. these trees were caturra
outside the mill office, a cashew tree ... something I had never seen before.
... and some towering bamboo, a pachymorph type, perhaps bambusa oldhamii . oh, that's just a rough guess... anyway, it was a nice, swift cupping trip.

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