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Honduras Cup of Excellence 2006 San Pedro Sula

Winning farm list at the bottom of this page.

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Shade trees of oakwood, mahogany, liquidamber, cedar.
Fresh bronze tips on pacamara, which is supposed to be green tipped. Pacamara is not an entirely stable cultivar, and can revert to the appearance of pacas or maragogype, but these cherries seemed to be pacamara in shape and character.
Again, in a coffee forest
Transparent butterfly wings
Juan, the captain of the farm, and his pacamara
Thompson, visitor, amazed at the shade canopy - the hillside in the back appears to be native forest but in fact is fully planted in coffee too.
The brothers, Munir and Raul. They export coffee, and own the Cinnabon franchise for Salvador and Guatemala.
Joe Hsu from Taiwan.
Another map view
Roberto Salazar and Raul with an Ihcafe truck. Raul owns a fine farm in Ocotopeque
Roadside refreshment along the dirt road, Las Floras, Yoro
Ihcafe farm identification, Tegucigalpita, named in diminutive form after the capital of Honduras
Typical house
Typical agricultural practice; burning is easier than slashing.
Busted, sort of. we were stopped on the dirt road for reasons I could not figure out.
Looking for I dunno what
We were smuggling Japanese coffee buyers, I guess. Maruyama emerges.
Yamada-san takes aim. Twas no big deal.
Parting shot: Filip ready to swing for the stands
At the Mercado Gumailito, a odd mixture of foodstuffs and utilitarian goods ...
... and places de tourismo. If you have a hankering to get online while puffing a stogie, pounding a latte, and on a whim call up the folks in the states, this is the place!
I could not figure out where this arrow pointed too; are there cigars and coffee laid out on the sidewalk?
More practical stuff at Guamilito. There are quite a few shops that buy big bags of dog food and sell them in small bags. Hmmm... reminds me of something.
The tourist goods at guamilito include lots of love for Honduras, or the more neutral 'I was in Honduras" or the very occasional and totally off-base clown-oriented artwork.
A favorite of mine that I coudn't fit in the luggage. I don't think maria will be too heartbroken.

2006 Honduras Cup of Excellence winning farms

All my Honduras COE scoring through 3 rounds, plus top 10.

Lot # Farm Farmer Score
1 Santa Martha Munir Haw 91.41
2 Las Barreras Jose Anael Guevara Ramirez 91.36
3 El Pezote Jose Geovany Martinez 90.36
4 Not Available Tatiana Isabel Lara Pineda 90.14
5 Rio Helado Manuel Antonio Trochez Baide 89.86
6 La Montañita Nicolas Acosta 89.73
7 El Ocotillo Elio Banegas Valle 89.59
8 El Puente Marysabel Caballero 88.91
9 Jireh Jose Orlando Arita 88.09
10 El Bachan Rafel Banegas 87.45
11 Yaquelin Genaro Aguilar Nolasco 85.73
12 El Comun Jorge Alberto Vallecillo Yanez 85.59
13 Sesesmile Nelson Rafael Guerra Chinchilla 85.59
14 Los Duraznos Filiberto Ruiz Velasquez 85.59
15 El Eden Raul Callejas Weitnauer 85.59
16 Mantepeque Soledad Pinto Mejia 85.55
17 El Zanjon Azucena Caballero Moreno 85.45
18 Lomas Cangual El Naranjit Emiliano Navarrete Aguilar 85.36
19 El Sauce I Esteban Madrid Chavez 85.36
20 El Sauce Saul Dominguez Gutierrez 85.09
21 El Liquidambar Jose Dolores Santos Castillo 85.05
22 La Mora Serbando Galo Rodriguez 84.82
23 Las Mujeres Maria Irma Gutierrez Hernandez 84.82
24 Altos De La Laguna Benjamin Gomez Castillo 84.50
25 Vista Hermosa Wilmer Dubon Caballero 84.32
26 Los Agapantos Rafael De Jesus Chinchilla Chinchilla 84.32
27 Los Girasoles Miguel Angel Rodriguez Escobar 84.32
28 Not Available Alba Leticia Ochoa Camacho 84.27
29 Not Available Jose Omar Calderon Romero 84.23
30 Las Amazonas Ezry Moises Herrera 84.09
31 Cerro Oscuro Manuel De Jesus Villeda Portillo 84.05
32 Moreno Pedro Moreno 84.00
33 Not Available Marco Antonio Landaverde 84.00

2006 Jurors Honduras Cup of Excellence

Name Country Company
Head Judge
Jon Willassen USA ACE
North America
Joel Pollock USA Stumptown
Tom Owen USA Sweet Maria’s Coffee
Norm Killman USA The Roasterie
Emily Naber USA Café Imports
Phil Anacker USA Flying Goat Coffee
Michael Perz Canada Timothy’s World Coffee
Filip Åkerblorn Sweden Brasett
Addy Hedinsdottir Iceland Kaffitar
Morten Aarnes Norway Kaffebrenneriet AS
Katerina Salamatina Russian Federation Berty’s Coffee
Alexandr Malchik Russian Federation Montana Coffee
Elisabet Sereno Spain Sara Lee
Yoshihito Kato Japan Bontain Coffee Co., Ltd.
Eiji Yamada Japan Yamada Coffee
Yoshiyuki Tomikawa Japan St. Berry Coffee
Joe Hsu Taiwan Orsir Coffee Company
Kevin Wu Taiwan Formosa Coffee
South America
Albero Song Mexico IL Caffe´Sospeso
Sandra Bolivar Botro Colombia Almacafe
Kentaro Maruyama Japan Maruyama Coffee

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